Book review: IronPython in Action

IronPython is the first dynamic language developed for the .Net plateform. At first, .Net didn’t support this kind of language. This is something that keeps on coming back througout the book: you have to use some additional tricks to unleash the power of .Net dynamic and static languages.
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Interactive RayTracer

Some months ago, I’ve decided to dig into raytracing, and more exactly interactive raytracing. So I’ve started writting my own library, based on several publications.
nVidia announced recently its own framework, Intel wants also to do raytracing on Larrabee, it is the current trend.
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Book review: Game Coding Complete

I got my hand on an old edition of this book second edition, now the third is available), and it seemed to me a good place for game developers to start.
Mike McShaffry has a lot of experience from the game field, and his goal is to share it with the readers. In every chapter, there are some anecdots of his past, and it is a lot of fun to see studios falling in the same pitfalls than we do when we start coding.

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