Book review: Version Control by Example

A colleague of mine give me this book, as I use “third generation” VCSs. I decided to check on the author approach on Version Control and his opinion on the matter. The book explores the different approaches of the latest VCS tools, with their advantages and drawbacks. Also, it delves into some algorithmic designs of Distributed VCSs. I’ve already discussed some of these tools, but the book is not a flame war against one DVCS, but more an explanation of all of them.
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Announcement: QtSimpleEQ 1.0 (QtVST)

I’m pleased to announce the 1.0 version of QtSimpleEQ, a plugin with one low-pass, two peak and one high pass second-order filters. Nothing fancy in the algorithms, it’s mainly another show case for Qt VST plugins.

The code is available under the GPL2 on github and on Sourceforge.

The plugin can be download on the Sourceforge project page.

The plugin was tested with Tracktion 3 (Windows XP).


QtSimpleEQ UI

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QtMosaic 0.1: easy photomosaics

Just for fun, I’m pleased to announce a working version of QtMosaic.
It allows to create a mosaics database and then generate a photomosaic from this database.

For instance, here is an original image:

Original photo

The used database is freely available on the Internet, and the photomosaic is generated with 18×24 thumbnails:
Rendered photomosaic

The code is available on GitHub, as usual, and it has been tested on Windows and Linux.

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QtVST, Qt and QtSimpleEQ

Today, I wanted to announce my new plugin, a 4-bands EQ, but when I started a test with pyVST, I encountered strange things:

  • The first is my fault, as the code of the EQ disappeared from my Git repository, so I have to code it again. Mainly it is just plugin the correct actions between the filters and the GUI.
  • The second is an error at the end of the test. I’ve updated my Qt version from 4.7.1 to 4.7.4, and since this update (or perhaps since I updated to Python 2.7 for pyVST), I found that even a recompiled QtSimpleOverdrive has the same behavior. It did not when I released it. It seems that Qt is complaining about events that are bounced between different threads, but the actual error message is more cryptic, and impossible to debug the application at this point.

I hope to fix these mistakes this month, I really hope I can get QtVST to work again.

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