Fun review: Are Lego still any good?

I always was a big fan of Lego during my teens, especially the Technic ones. The objects were quite close to reality, pumps, motors, real fun. I stopped playing with them around 15 years ago, but I still remember those times when I built cars, trucks and when I dreamed of having the (now outdated) expensive drawing machine.

Recently, I decided to get a new one. The reason was that I actually found one box that reminded me of my youth boxes, so why not? Contrary to simpler boxes, this one seemed the most complex and engineered one.

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Announcement: Audio TK 0.1.0

A long time ago, I started implementing audio filters with a Qt GUI. I also started other pet projects in the same area, but I didn’t have a proper audio support library in C++ for that. Also Qt plugins are no longer an option (for me), I still hope to implement new filters in the future.

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