Announcement: Audio TK 0.5.0

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Audio Toolkit is now almost ready for its first stable release. Its content will now move toward more advanced DSP algorithms (zero delay filters, amplifiers).

Download link: ATK 0.5.0


* Renamed slope attribute to ratio for Gain Compressor and Expander Filters
* Renamed the Chamberlin filter
* Added a StereoUniversalFixedDelayLineFilter that can make mix two channels together with different delay for each channel with Python wrappers
* Added a GainLimiterFilter (maximum ratio) with Python wrappers
* Added a MaxFilter with Python wrappers
* Added a DryWetFilter with Python wrappers

* Bug fixes

* Added a PipelineGlobalSinkFilter with Python wrapper
* Changed the MiddleSideFilter scale (no more dividing by 2 in the code)
* Additional tools additions (cos generator, offset+volume filter)
* Added a second order all pass filter with Python wrappers

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