Announcement: ATKColoredCompressor 1.0.0 and ATKColoredExpander 1.0.0

I’m happy to announce the release of a colored compressor plugin as well as a colored expander plugin based on the Audio Toolkit. They are available on Windows and OS X (min. 10.8) in different formats. They are effectively replacing the ATKCompressor and ATKExpander plugins by adding several new parameters: RMS filter (set it to 0 to get peak detection from the old plugins), color (gain change around the threshold, positive color adding gain and negative color removing gain), quality (affecting the coloring on a smaller or bigger area around the threshold). The expander also has a maximum reduction parameter, allowing the user to specify the maximum amount of gain reduction below the threshold.

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Sorting source files and projects in folders with CMake and Visual Studio/Xcode

Sometimes Visual Studio and Xcode projects just get out of hand. The private project I’m working on has 130 subprojects, all in a single solution, that’s just too much to display in one window. And then I learnt that projects can actually be moved to folders, just like what is possible for files in a project (so you don’t have Source Files and Header Files, but something custom, for instance following the file hierarchy).

They are activated differently, and it’s sometimes not as straightforward, but it works great once it is set up. And as this works for Xcode projects and Visual Studio projects, I was really eager to sort out my Audio Toolkit main project, so it will be the basis of the tests here.

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