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Last month, I presented my latest work on Audio ToolKit at ADC 2018, namely how I turned a SPICE netlist to a filter.

It is now time to present some of the results here.

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This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Lego

I started my Lego adult path with the Mk2 crane, and now Lego has a new crane. This one is bigger, meaner, in some aspects, but hopefully better as well. Bigger wheels, but half of them, red instead of yellow, broader, and double crane boon instead of a triple one, so a different set of compromises. How did it go?

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A few weeks ago, I presented my work on automatic code generation from an electronic schema. I have many things to talk about this subject, one of them is this book.

When you start analyzing a circuit, it is important to learn how to analyze a circuit. There are lots of books on electronics, but this one targets beginners in circuit analysis.

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