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Fixing the QtAGain plugin

Some months ago, I’ve modified the AGain plugin sample from the VST SDK to add a Qt window. At that time, I encountered an issue with Vsthost, which is a common VST host. The issue was that in windowed mode, the plugin’s UI wasn’t displayed. With Traktion, I didn’t have this problem, but the minihost (a sample from the SDK) also didn’t use the UI size.

When developing pyvst, I has to implement the retrieval of the size of the plugin, and I’ve decided to add this to QtAGain. I was surprised to see that it actually work with just giving back the UI size (so fixing this was less than 5 lines).

So now, I know that to impelment an UI for a VST plugin, I have to implement:

  • open()
  • close()
  • but also getRect()

Don’t make the same mistake as I did, do implement all three of them, even if your favorite VST host can live without getRect().

P.S.: Mixing Qt for VST UIs and wxPython for pyvst works really fine!

VST plugin AGain reloaded with a Qt GUI

Years ago, I’ve tried to use the GPL version of Qt, but it couldn’t be done without a Qt Solution that was at the time non-free. Now, Nokia has freed and Qt and the appropriate Qt Solution.

I’ve searched if someone has already used this new version to create a VST plugin. The only blog post I’ve found does not use the Qt Solution and is not perfect. According to the documentation what is missing in this solution is precisely what the Solution should do. So let’s try it.
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And now for something completely different: Wiring diagram for a SM STC-2A

I’ve recently burnt the tone circuit of my Cort GB-74, so I’ve changed it for a Seymour Duncan STC-2A. The basic wiring diagram does not include all the options I had on the original diagram, here are the (small, really small) modifications and some impressions on the STC.
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