Book review: Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library

After Effective C++, I’d like to speak about Effective STL.

Content and opinions

Everything on the STL can be found in this book. Every algorithm is explained with details, almost every function of every container, with their features, qualities and defaults. In fact, there are so many things in the STL that one cannot know every detail without studying it in depth. And this is where Meyers shines: the book helps learning this fastly!

Besides the STL, the old non standard containers (hashmap for instance) are also covered, although C++0x changed them, so these items can be bypassed.


Even more useful than Effective C++, the tips provided in this book can be forgot easilly, so you need to come back to it regularly. If you use the STL (which you must if you’re a C++ developer), you must have a copy of Effective STL.

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