After my review of Intel Parallel Studio and then my post of Advisor Lite, I had the opportunity of doing the beta of Intel Advisor and then the final version of Parallel Studio.

The review will not be as thorough as the one on Advisor Lite, because Advisor is an update of Advisor Lite. It has some additional features, and that’s what I’d like to focus on.

I won’t dwell into the details of Intel’s new offer, suffice to say that Intel took the opportunity of changing some offers name and of incorporating some parts of Parallel Studio in its other products, and of course on Linux (which was left alone until then).

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If there is something we all should do in our jobs, it would be innovate. But sometimes, although we (try to) innovate, we don’t see the fruit of this hard work. Why? Is there something not right with the way we innovate?

Scott Berkun has released his second edition of the Myths of Innovation, and it tries to answer to these questions and more.

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