Book review: The Myths of innovation

If there is something we all should do in our jobs, it would be innovate. But sometimes, although we (try to) innovate, we don’t see the fruit of this hard work. Why? Is there something not right with the way we innovate?

Scott Berkun has released his second edition of the Myths of Innovation, and it tries to answer to these questions and more.

Content and opinions

The second edition of this book has additional chapters, which are quite different than the first edition’s. The first ones are more oriented towards what innovation is whereas the second ones target how one can innovate. The tone is also different, as the second part consists of advice written some time afterwards.

So the first several chapters discuss what is behind the word innovation, and how it interacts with our reality. The author tries to find the clues that made us qualify some people as innovators. It’s not an easy task, but it is done nicely and efficiently. Throughout the history, innovation rythms humanity evolution, so several acknowledged innovators are analyzed. These aspects are too often overlooked in our culture, to our greatest illusions.

The second part covers the path to what would be recognized as innovation. It’s about hard work and how to sell it, so this addition to the second edition is valuable.


I learnt a lot by reading this book. Innovation is not as straightforward as it seems, especially in industries (unless you’re named Steve Jobs). Several steps must be taken to appreciate an innovation, the book will be an excellent guide for avoiding missteps.

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