Fun book: World’s Worst Aircrafts

Sometimes, we need a fun book to free the stress from long months of work. I was (and still am) in this position with a complex work and different side-projects (like scikits.learn), and I appreciate a book that can bring a smile and some humor.

Content and opinions

Worst aircrafts ever? What does it actually mean? The author took several views, as for instance aircrafts that were available too late, or too expensive, or inadequately designed.

There are a lot of stories in the book that are funny, other are sadder (especially for war aircrafts or aircrafts that killed people). Also, I didn’t find the Concorde inside the worst aircrafts, but there is mention of its main competitors, and as for other stories, there are some interesting facts (here it’s about politics). Each story has an image of the airplane (and for the bad design aircrafts, it can be really funny), specifications of the airplane and a description of what it is part of the book. Unfortunately, sometimes I couldn’t figure out what the story really was, but is was seldom.


I always liked the history of aviation. I like hearing about successes, but I also like the disasters. In this book, I enjoyed the different aspects of aircraft failures and it was really a good time reading this small but interesting book.

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