Book review: Le livre noir de l’agriculture

I don’t usually review French books, but this is an exception. There are regularly new books on food and agriculture, but this one seemed to be very interesting. It’s also available in the US (but in French), but it costs far more.

The news have from time to time reports on some agriculture issues in France: pigs, their dejections and the impact on water quality in Brittany, corn and droughts in some French departments… Each time, the government comes up with a new solution, but it isn’t enough, it’s always a headlong rush. These are some stories the book tells us about, and there are quite a few more.

It seems we fell inside the same trap the USSR did. We plan on feeding the world, even if it is better than every country feeds itself (it could be possible), and even if it won’t be interesting (in terms of money) in the future with the rising cost of transportation. We are trapped inside our own vicious circle, and because we are so greedy, we don’t seem to be able to go back.

Perhaps if every one of us try and decide to consume good products, we may be able to change the trend…

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