Announcement: QtSimpleOverdrive 1.2 (QtVST)

I’m pleased to announce the 1.2 version of QtSimpleOverdrive.

Since last version, the GUI was changed, and mainly the automation has been fixed. As such, old parameters are no longer valid, sorry…

The code is now available under the GPL2 on github and on Sourceforge.

The plugin can be download on the Sourceforge project page.

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2 thoughts on “Announcement: QtSimpleOverdrive 1.2 (QtVST)

  1. Hey Matt,
    thanks for sharing your code. I looked at it and it only seems to work on Windows. Are there chances to compile it on Mac aswell?

    1. Hi Thomas,
      Unfortunately, I use a QtSolution that is only available for Windows. I don’t know if there is something needed to make Qt work with VSTs. As I don’t own a Mac, I can only suggest you to test and submit the appropriate patch 🙂

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