Announcement: QtSimpleEQ 1.0 (QtVST)

I’m pleased to announce the 1.0 version of QtSimpleEQ, a plugin with one low-pass, two peak and one high pass second-order filters. Nothing fancy in the algorithms, it’s mainly another show case for Qt VST plugins.

The code is available under the GPL2 on github and on Sourceforge.

The plugin can be download on the Sourceforge project page.

The plugin was tested with Tracktion 3 (Windows XP).


QtSimpleEQ UI

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4 thoughts on “Announcement: QtSimpleEQ 1.0 (QtVST)

  1. Comes with 12 meg worth of dlls that you have to manually copy deep inside your system path?

    1. Yeah I know, I will need to address this issue when I have some time. I need to try to compile everything as static, but I don’t know if it will actually work. I think I tried at some point but failed.

  2. This is really cool, but I don’t work with Visual Studio and Qt together (I noticed the Visual Studio Solution). Do you ever plan on creating a Qt Creator (Widgets) Template or project?

    1. Unfortunately no. Besides Dikia doesn’t support the widget I was using, so I need to switch to another GUI framework for my plugins. It’s really a shame, but there is no other real solution for making Qt work with Windows native windows that I know of.

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