During SuperComputing 2011, I stumbled across a paper on parallel random number generation. And it brought back some memories of a blog post I wanted to do here on oversampling in my Interactive Raytracer.

Random numbers are important in a raytracer because one needs oversampling to have anti-aliasing, and to have a more realistic rendering, we need to add some jitter inside the oversampling. I won’t talk about this here, it is not my point (yet). So I’ve decided to resurrect IRT from the dead, at least long enough to test parallel random number generators. It is now on Github, and I’ve also changed the matrix library to Eigen. Some optimizations later, it is slightly faster than before, although it is still very far from Bikker’s work.

The Python wrappers are still working BTW.

Let’s hope I find some time to finish this before getting back at VSTs 🙂

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