Announcement: Audio TK 0.2.0

It’s time for a new release of the toolkit. Much has been done in terms of basic filters, but also to simplify usage (static and shared libraries are compiled, no need to reset the pipeline before calling process…).

My next step is using this toolkit to create a new audio filter (VST and Audio Unit) to see if everything holds.

Download link: ATK 0.2.0


* SD1 tone circuit with Python wrappers
* Changed the main process method behavior, no needed to call reset each time
* Added methods to *PointerFilter to enable use in audio plugins as sinks/sources

* Padding/delay support
* FFTW support
* Profiling facilities
* Butterworth high pass, band pass and band stop filters
* Python wrappers for all Butterworth filters
* Bessel filters
* Python wrappers for all Bessel filters
* Chebyshev type 1 and 2 filters
* Python wrappers for all Chebyshev type 1 and 2 filters
* SD1 overdrive filter and Python wrappers

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