Announcement: Audio TK 0.6.0

The main changes for this release are first trials at modulated filters, C++11 usage (nullptr, override and final), and some API changes (the main process_impl function is now const).

Download link: ATK 0.6.0


* Added override and final keywords in virtual calls
* Changed the API so that process_impl is now const
* Exposed full_setup to the user (direct reset of the internal state, already called when changing sample rate)
* Added LinkWitz-Riley second order low and high path filters
* Fix resetting the internal state of all delays by using full_setup
* Added a CustomFIRFilter with Python wrapper

* Added time-varying IIR filters (variable frequency, coded as transposed direct form II)
* Added second order time varying filter implementations
* Added a RelativePowerFilter with Python wrappers
* Added a DerivativeFilter with Python wrappers
* Added Python wrappers for the InWavFilter
* Fixed some warnings during compilation

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