Announcement: ATKSideChainCompressor 1.0.0

I’m happy to announce the release of a side-chain stereo compressor based on the Audio Toolkit. It is available on Windows and OS X (min. 10.8) in different formats. This stereo compressor can work on two channels, left/right or middle/side, possibly in linked mode (only one set of parameters), and can be set up to mix the input signal with the compressed signal (serial/parallel compression). The side chain channels can be used to steer the gain stage (the same setup will be used, right/left or middle/side).


The supported formats are:

  • VST2 (32bits/64bits on Windows, 64bits on OS X)
  • VST3 (32bits/64bits on Windows, 64bits on OS X)
  • Audio Unit (64bits, OS X)

Direct link for ATKSideChainCompressor .

The files as well as the previous plugins can be downloaded on SourceForge, as well as the source code.

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19 thoughts on “Announcement: ATKSideChainCompressor 1.0.0

    1. Unfortunately, no Linux version because the framework I have doesn’t have Linux interfaces, and I don’t have a music Linux box. But if you have a Linux API, it is easy to build such a plugin, as everything behind is inside Audio Toolkit which builds fine on Linux.

        1. Audio Toolkit can be built for Linux, this works like a charm. The issue is the plugin interface you need for your application. The framework I’m currently using (wdl-ol, stemming from Reaper) doesn’t provide any Linux API, so if you want to have a Linux plugin, you will need to code this part. If you already have a Linux framework, it shouldn’t be more than writing the equivalent of but for your API (and it would be 75% of copy/paste).

    1. At the begining, I was hoping it was one of the usual issues I sometimes have, and after I hoped they would get back online faster. Now that it seems that it starts getting back online, I don’t want to rely on another file service, especially one like Mega.

  1. Last time forgot OSX links, sorry. Open this link in new tab and to download just click on links, what to download youll recognize by text on the end of link (vst3, x64 etc):

    Easiest is to just download installer. Nice tools, sometimes cpu spikes when moving slope or softness knobs but only when moving. Wish that manuals arent “dummy”, I can guess but its good to be sure. Also gain reduction meters are usual in this type of plugins. Thats just wishes not whining, I like em, developer is doing nice job, thanks for giving away for free!

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