Announcement: Audio TK 1.0.0

This is the first stable release of the Audio Toolkit, after more than a year of development. In addition to the serial pipeline, there is now an option to use TBB to render each chunk in parallel. The pipeline can also return the maximum latency the pipeline possesses if all latency information is given during the build of the pipeline.

Additional filters were also added to complement the current set of filters.

Download link: ATK 1.0.0


* Split ATKTools in Tools and Utility modules
* Allow threaded computation in pipelines
* Added a latency computation

* Added an AttackReleaseHysteresis filter with Python wrapper
* Added a GainMaxColoredExpander filter with Python wrapper
* Removed the gain fractional filters
* Added a GainSwellFilter with Python wrapper

* Added additional second order filters with Python wrappers (RBJ coefficients)
* Added GainColoredCompressorFilter and GainColoredExpanderFilter with Python wrappers

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