I’m happy to announce the update of the side-chain stereo compressor and expander based on the Audio Toolkit. They are available on Windows and OS X (min. 10.8) in different formats.

These stereo plugins can work on two channels, left/right or middle/side, possibly in linked mode (only one set of parameters), and can be set up to mix the input signal with the compressed signal (serial/parallel compression). The side chain channels can be used to steer the gain stage (the same setup will be used, right/left or middle/side), depending on the switch on the top right of the plugins. The same coloration stage than ATKColoredCompressor and ATKColoredExpander are used here.

This effectively makes ATKStereoCompressor obsolete, as the compressor can be set up in the same conditions as ATKStereoCompressor.

These new versions have more parameters than the previous ones, which means that the parameters used in a project with the former version won’t be loaded in the same way for these new versions.

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