Announcement: Audio TK 1.4.0

ATK is updated to 1.4.0 with new features and optimizations. It is also now compiled on Travis-CI:

Download link: ATK 1.4.0

* Added a LeachTriodeFunction for simpler tube filters
* Added Intel Compiler support
* Vectorized FIR part of IIRFilter
* Refactored gain filters to enable vectorization
* 256 bits alignment of internal arrays (with or without delay, the first element to process will be 256-bits aligned)

* Starting support for ARM platforms (not optimized yet)
* Added a FlushToZero class used in Python interface so that it is activated when process() is called

* Added a 1 – input filter with Python wrappers
* Removed the old SD1 filter, replaced it definitely with the SVF version
* Added a TS9 overdrive filter (SD1 without the asymmetry) with Python wrappers
* Added a Tube2Filter with wrappers, adding the plate-grid capacitor in the equations, stabilizing them better (requires Eigen)

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