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A few months ago, I started playing with the Bela board. At the time, I had issues compiling Audio ToolKit with clang. Since then and thanks to Travis-CI, I figured out what was going on. Unfortunately, the Beagle Board doesn’t have complete C++11 support, so I’ve added the remaining pieces, and you need also a new Boost.

What not to do

I started with trying to compile a new Clang with libc++, but it seems that I need more than 8GB on the SD card! So I’ll wait until I can get such a card to try again.

Then, the other thing I did is trying to compile a full Boost 1.61 (because that’s what I use on Travis CI), but this froze the board…

What to do

So the only thing to do is to compile Boost test:

./b2 --with-test --with-system link=shared stage

and then point the Boost root folder in Audio Toolkit CMake file to this Boost folder.


I’ll post a longer post on Clang update when it’s done, but meanwhile, I can already start playing with Audio ToolKit on the Bela!

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