Announcement: Audio TK 1.5.0

ATK is updated to 1.5.0 with new features oriented around preamplifiers and optimizations. It is also now compiled on Appveyor:

Thanks to Travis and Appveyor, binaries for the releases are now updated on Github. On all platforms we compile static and shared libraries. On Linux, gcc 5, gcc 6, clang 3.8 and clang 3.9 are generated, on OS X, XCode 7 and XCode 8 are available as universal binaries, and on Windows, 32 bits, 64 bits, with dynamic or static (no shared libraries in this case) runtime, are also generated.

Download link: ATK 1.5.0

* Adding a follower class solid state preamplifier with Python wrappers
* Adding a Dempwolf model for tube filters with Python wrappers
* Adding a Munro-Piazza model for tube filters with Python wrappers
* Optimized distortion and preamplifier filters by using fmath exp calls

* Vectorized x4 the IIR part of the IIR filter
* Vectorized delay filters
* Fixed bug in gain filters

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