Announcement: Audio TK 2.0.0

ATK is updated to 2.0.0 with a major refactoring to ensure signed/unsigned consistency, new Adaptive module and EQ design. Complex-valued filters are also now available to allow simultaneous dual channel processes and advanced filters like complex LMS filters.

Thanks to Travis and Appveyor, binaries for the releases are now updated on Github. On all platforms we compile static and shared libraries. On Linux, gcc 5, gcc 6, clang 3.8 and clang 3.9 are generated, on OS X, XCode 7 and XCode 8 are available as universal binaries, and on Windows, 32 bits, 64 bits, with dynamic or static (no shared libraries in this case) runtime, are also generated.

Download link: ATK 2.0.0

* Refactored fixed line delays (performance improvement)
* Allow new filters to have unconnected inputs (can only be changed inside a filter)
* Refactored the stereo universal delay line to allow more simultaneous channels (renamed to MultipleUniversalDelayLineFilter)
* ATK now allows complex-valued filters with filters to convert from real from/to complex
* Added a BlockLMSFilter with Python wrappers
* Added a LMSFilter with Python wrappers
* Added a RemezBasedCoefficients with Python wrappers to be used with FIRFilter to generate a FIR filter from a template
* Added a RLSFilter with Python wrappers
* Support for IPP as a FFT backend
* Refactored the API for global unsigned consistency

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