Announcement: Audio TK 2.1.0

ATK is updated to 2.1.0 with a major refactoring of the Python wrappers and extensive testing of them. New filters were also added to support more complex pipelines (mute/solo and circular buffers for real-time spectrum displays) and Audio ToolKit provies now a CMake configuration file for easier integration in CMake projects.

Thanks to Travis and Appveyor, binaries for the releases are now updated on Github. On all platforms we compile static and shared libraries. On Linux, gcc 5, gcc 6, clang 3.8 and clang 3.9 are generated, on OS X, XCode 7 and XCode 8 are available as universal binaries, and on Windows, 32 bits, 64 bits, with dynamic or static (no shared libraries in this case) runtime, are also generated. Due to Travis strange configuration on macOS, the binaries there don’t yet support Python 2 or Python 3.

Download link: ATK 2.1.0

* Added a config file for CMake
* Rewrote the Python wrappers to use pybind11 instead of SWIG
* Added MuteSoloSumFilter to allow mute/solo operations on tracks with Python wrappers
* SumFilter can now sum multiple channels together
* Adding fourth order Linkwitz-Riley filters
* Adding a new circular buffer (for FFT plugins for instance)
* Added parameters for tube (inverters) filters definition
* Added Python wrappers in Travis-CI builds
* Added a modified implementation of the Munro-Piazza triode function to remove some artefacts

* Fix ARM compilation

* Turn set/get into properties when possible (Python wrapper)
* Enhanced Tools API (Audio ToolKit book)
* Added a Feedback Delay Netwrok filter (FDN) with Hadamard mixing matrix with Python wrappers
* Fixed MultipleUniversalFixedDelayLineFilter parameters

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