Announcement: Audio TK 2.3.0

ATK is updated to 2.3.0 with major fixes and code coverage improvement (see here). Lots of bugs were fixed during that effort and native build on embedded platforms was also fixed.

CMake builds on Linux don’t have to be installed before Python tests have to be ran. SIMD filters are now also easier to implement.

Download link: ATK 2.3.0

* Increased test coverage and fix lots of small mistakes in the API
* Allow in place Python tests (before make install) on Linux
* Split big files to allow native compilation on embedded platforms
* Fix a TDF2 IIR filter bug when the state was not reinitialized, leading to instabilities
* Fix a bug when delays were changed but not the underlying buffers, leading to buffer underflows
* Adding a new Broadcast filter (filling all SIMD vector lines with the same input value)
* Adding a new Reduce filter (summing all SIMD vector lines to the output value)
* Fix alignment issues in SIMD filters
* Fix SIMD EQ dispatcher export issues on Windows (too many possible filters!)
* Implemented relevant Tools SIMD filters

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