Announcement: Audio TK 3.0.0

ATK is updated to 3.0.0 with a major ABI break and code quality improvement (see here). Bugs in different areas were fixed.

Development for additional modules was also simplified (the modelling lite is such a project based on Audio Toolkit).

Download link: ATK 3.0.0

* Change size for gsl::index everywhere (change of ABI)
* Address sanitizer support
* Technical debt and maintenance

* Fix initialization indices in Custom IIR and FIR Filters
* Use gsl::index for loop indices
* Fix gradient for transistors
* Enhance interpolation for the gain filter
* Installation of the third-party headers (gsl, simdpp or Eigen)

* Fix Python wrappers

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1 thought on “Announcement: Audio TK 3.0.0

  1. These plugins have been brilliantly coded with real analog sound as the result. I highly recommend you try them out.

    Chuck Baker

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