Fun review: the Lego Bugatti Chiron

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This year, Lego published a set based on the Bugatti Chiron, one of the craziest cars, and built near my home town. It’s the second set in the Technic car collection series, and contrary to the Porsche, the color is inspired by a gorgeous real life car (I don’t think that the real Porsche exists…).

Let’s start with the gorgeous box. Great picture, great colors, it’s not your basic box.

Lego Bugatti Chiron box

The inside is also different from your usual box. Lego stopped putting boxes more than a decade ago, which meant that their boxes were basically thrown after building the set. But here we have boxes inside the boxes, 5 of them, with the front of the car on them.

Inside the box

The disappointment is still that these small boxes cannot hold the pieces if you disassemble the set. Then the manual to mount the set is very thick, in two parts.

Let’s mount the car

So let’s start with the first box. It contains 3 subsets. Basically all boxes will contain from 2 or 3 of these subsets. These are the three steps in the box that will build the rear section of the car:

Box 1, subset 1

This is the step that is perhaps the most interesting of the whole set: the gearbox. It’s the only time you can see how it works, as after it’s basically hidden from above by the motor, and from below because of the bottom of the car. The orange wheels are the ones you want to look at, as they move by quarter turns (thanks to… rubber bands!). They will be steered later by two feet pedals.

Box 1, subset 2

Now we have the 16V motor finished, and it’s a very big piece. It’s not complex to build, usual basic motor blocks, but it was impressive to fix in the end.

Box 1, subset 3

Now, we start the second box that creates the middle/front of the car. The first section here is also around the suspensions and also a small manual gear box in the middle, next to the blue wheel.

Box 2, subset 1

After this step, we start to build the frame of the interior of the car.

Box 2, subset 2

We now can assemble the front and the rear, a process officially known as the “marriage”.

Marriage time!

And a few pieces after lots of axes added to stabilize and fix the two parts together, we end up with the core structure of the car. It’s also at this stage that I knew that once built, the car cannot be disassembled without great pains, far more than other sets I built.

Box 2, subset 3

We now change to the second half of the manual and start with the esthetic parts of the set. We start with the top rear frame with the deep blue color.

Box 3 Set 1

It finishes with the fin and all the complex rear display, with a “Chiron” logo:

Box 3 Set 2

And now we have the two seats, with a leather-like brown color that I never saw in another Lego set at this stage.

Box 4 Set 1

Then we make way to the rest of the leather interior of the car:

Box 4 Set 2

Almost at the full front, we have the front tyre frames and the start of the front trunk.

Box 4 Set 3

Almost at the end, we are just missing the windshield frame, everything else is finished.

Box 5 Set 1

On top of the windshield, we also build a pseudo key and a bag that goes in the front trunk.

Box 5 Set 2

And we are finished! At the end, we have a new picture in the box, with now the rear of the car instead of the front.

The box after building everything


The colors of the car are very well reproduced, and some curves are not as smooth as the original car. It was a very satisfying set to build because of the complex gearbox and the overall design. But it could have had more complexity.

Full finished car

And they even built a real-sized working car in Technic!!

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