I had to wonder. In my previous computer science positions, my coworkers were rarely computer scientist majors. They had a varied background, like chemistry, and I have myself an odd background (majored in signal processing, digital electronics and automation, then music and also a PhD in machine learning in partnership with a neuroscience lab).

In finance, lots of people are finance first and only, and they take everything at face value. Then came Epstein’s book. Could it explain what I was seeing?

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This entry is part 6 of 13 in the series Analog modelling

I create a model of the Boss SD1 and the Ibanez TS9 some time ago. Now it’s time to get on modelling another pedal, the famous Boss MT2 Metal Zone.

There are many pages online that also analyse this pedal, but I’d like to start from the schema, split in independent pieces and analyze them with my Modelling ┬áLite tool. The end result will probably end up as a new plugin, but this is currently outside the scope of this new subserie.

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This question started for me when I had to handled files that could be either compressed or uncompressed and I needed to do so transparently.

If you look online, there may be only one answer to that, and it is on StackOverflow when I answered it. Here is some more context to what the answer does and what’s the problem with Boost::Iostreams.

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