Book review: A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing of America

I started reading this book a few weeks ago, when Trump started the whole ObamaGate nonsense, and when he tried to flip the narrative on what happened with Flynn. As I was reading what happened 3 years ago, it was astonishing to see how manipulative this president is.

This is clearly a political book, and this is not something that I usually review, but sometimes you need to wake up and take position.


The book is split in several parts, and they each overlap. It’s basically a painting where you add details over parts that you already painted.

There is a global chronology where the first part really starts at the beginning on the Trump presidency, and where the last part finishes just weeks before the impeachment, but they all overlap and you will see people that quit being there again in the part just after.

We can see from the start that Trump is way over his head, and at the time he’s not yet free-wheeling. He did not understand what he could and could not do, and neither did his direct entourage. Mercifully, the carrier people like Mattis managed to reign in his enthusiasm. But from the start, you could see that the toddler was testing the limits of his leach, always trying to go further and further. You then see all the senior people throwing the towel and yes-men taking their place. You can understand what went on.

There are some epic stories of how the president was incapable of understanding the grand scheme. How he would see things in the prism of his limited understanding of businesses (you have to remember that his not great at this, nor is Kushner, without their family money, they would be nothing). How he would play power games around his staff to ensure his domination over the Republican party.

Trump is known to have only about 4 hours of sleep. This pattern is now known to be a danger for your mental stability. I’d say that in light of the recent literature on sleep, his sociopathic behavior is just normal, just like Elon Musk’s is. Some people praise people that don’t sleep. I don’t. I pity them because they loose more of what their humanity each time they don’t sleep enough. That was just a parenthesis and a link to another book I read, there is nothing about Trump’s sleep, but I think it is still part of the Trump picture. It fits the pattern of their anti-science.


Clearly, if you are a Republican, you won’t believe a word of the book, even if the testimonies match the public record. You will find reasons not to believe it, like the Evangelical congregations do. They will lie to themselves, spit on the 10 commandements, hit their neighbor instead of turning the other cheek. They will twist words to fit their own beliefs instead of listening like Jesus did.

For Democrats, the book will just confirm what they already know and they won’t be able to sleep at nights. It’s worse than what they think, and unfortunately what happens in the streets of the USA is the proof that it worse than they thought.

For people that sit in the middle, the ones that actually decide an election, I can only hope that such a book, the declarations of top Republican people, show that they don’t care about you. What they want is power over you. Dividing people in casts works well to get a hold on people. The only way is to get free of the chains.

And to my fellow Christian friends, please, wake up, you are on the wrong side of History. It’s not because God allows someone in power that you need to support what they are doing. I could point at all kinds of dictators, but perhaps the best story here is Daniel which stood fast against Nabuchonosor, which was his king at the time. Do the same. Stand fast against what is right.

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