I’m happy to announce the update of my two MT2 emulations based on the Audio Toolkit and JUCE. It is available on Windows (VST3) and macOS (min. 10.11, x86_64 and ARM64, VST3 and AUv3). The main change is a proper Audio Unit v3 support and native M1 build.

These plugins require the universal runtime on Windows, which is automatically deployed with Windows update (see this discussion on the JUCE forum). If you don’t have it installed, please check Microsoft website.

On MacOS, you need to run the application that gets installed with the plugins to register the Auv3.

Direct link for ATK MT2 packages and the source code.

Direct link for ATK MTB packages and the source code.


I’m please to announce an update to my preamplifiers. They have been ported to use JUCE instead of WD-OL which will help rebuilding them more easily.

Currently only the Windows version (VST3 32bits and 64bits) has been updated and is available on GitHub here for the bass preamp and here for the guitar preamp.

ATKGuitarPreamp 2.0
ATKGuitarPreamp 2.0
ATKBassPreamp 2.0
ATKBassPreamp 2.0

The MacOS version will be out soon (hopefully) while I sort out hardware issues!


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Climate change is a problem that we have to solve for our children’s sake. The problem is how. When Bill Gates is talking about addressing the issue, it’s interesting because he is part of the problem and he is known to prefer doing things on his own without care about the political aspects. Is it a good thing for climate change or not?

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I’m happy to announce the update of SD1 and a new release of TS9 based on the Audio Toolkit and JUCE. It is available on Windows (VST3) and macOS (min. 10.11, x86_64 and ARM64) in different formats.

SD1 is a full rewrite of one of my first plugins with the help of Audio ToolKit Modelling. It allowed me for a closer match with the original circuit without having to optimize the equations myself.

TS9 is a Patreon-only plugin, although the source is freely available. The same technology was used to emulate the drive and tone-control as what was used for SD1. The sound is similar yet different.

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I’m a huge fan of home automation. I started studying the KNX standard more than a decade ago, and I wanted to automated everything in my home. One day.

In the last decade, we saw the apparition of lots of new standards, not just for lighting and heating, but also for everything else. Unfortunately, it’s rarely compatible with each other. I saw a few projects int he fast, and recently saw HomeAssistant in an article, and decided to try it.

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