Announcement: ATK MTB (Adapted Boss medal emulation)

I’m happy to announce the release of ATK MTB based on the Audio Toolkit and JUCE. It is available on Windows (VST3) and macOS (min. 10.11, x86_64 and ARM64) in different formats.

MTB is a variation of the MT2 plugin geared towards the bass. The cut frequencies for the different filters are lowered to match the bass frequencies better. As such, MTB spills less in high frequencies than MT2. Not that MT2 cannot be used for the bass if that’s the sound you are looking for!

This plugin requires the universal runtime on Windows, which is automatically deployed with Windows update (see this discussion on the JUCE forum). If you don’t have it installed, please check Microsoft website.


The supported formats are:

  • VST3 (32bits/64bits on Windows, 64bits on macOS)
  • Audio Unit (64bits, macOS)

Direct link for ATK MTB packages and the source code.

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2 thoughts on “Announcement: ATK MTB (Adapted Boss medal emulation)

    1. Hum… That’s annoying… What’s the CPU charge on one core? Could be drop outs? The plugin is quite intense on old CPUs :/

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