Announcement: ATK SD1 3.0 and ATK TS9 1.0

I’m happy to announce the update of SD1 and a new release of TS9 based on the Audio Toolkit and JUCE. It is available on Windows (VST3) and macOS (min. 10.11, x86_64 and ARM64) in different formats.

SD1 is a full rewrite of one of my first plugins with the help of Audio ToolKit Modelling. It allowed me for a closer match with the original circuit without having to optimize the equations myself.

TS9 is a Patreon-only plugin, although the source is freely available. The same technology was used to emulate the drive and tone-control as what was used for SD1. The sound is similar yet different.

The supported formats are:

  • VST3 (32/64bits on Windows, 64bits on macOS)
  • Audio Unit (64bits, macOS)

Direct link for ATK SD1 packages and the source code.

Link for ATK TS9 release with Patreon access and the source code.

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