As 2021 begins, there are a few changes in how AudioToolKit will grow in the future.

The first important point is that all repositories will now be on a dedicated space on GitHub. The reason is that there are many projects on my own page and Audio ToolKit was basically hidden there.

There was also a unique repository with all plugins that I designed, and it started to be very messy, with some projects that don’t even build anymore. One of the objectives of 2021 will to create a dedicated repository for these plugins and release them again, with JUCE 6 and Audio ToolKit 3.2.

Another project that I have been working on is ATK Modelling. I already presented some work on it at ADC18, but I decided now to make the project public. It’s the project I have worked the most in the past few months, and it is now at a stage where we can model lots of pedals. So on top of new articles on ATK Modelling, there is going to be more on the MT2 pedal, a series I started before the pandemic, and hopefully a release of a full guitar version as well as an adaptation for bass.

As I’m rewriting the plugins, I’m also thinking about their GUI, and if you have ideas for better UIs, please let me know, I would gladly use outside help to create nice and usable ones.

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It’s a question I always asked myself. Models in SPICE are usually for full models, or you can use a gain voltage gain as well. What are the implications of selecting one model over another for a real time model? Let’s go for the more complex model to the simplest ones. 

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This entry is part 5 of 13 in the series Analog modelling

In almost all analog modeling algorithms, we solve a (non-)linear system they require at some point to solve A x=y, with given A and y. Depending on the size of the matrix and its characteristics, computing an inverse can be costly and may incur numerical problems. Let’s tackle cost in this discussion.

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Is it fair to say that this issue is quite current? My fitness book club had this book on their list since before the CrossFit scandal, so it’s fair to see that they were ahead of the curve on this one, and I’m proud to be part of the team.

Still, is being proud of what they did enough? What should I do more to tackle white supremacy?

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I started reading this book a few weeks ago, when Trump started the whole ObamaGate nonsense, and when he tried to flip the narrative on what happened with Flynn. As I was reading what happened 3 years ago, it was astonishing to see how manipulative this president is.

This is clearly a political book, and this is not something that I usually review, but sometimes you need to wake up and take position.

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