Last few days, I was looking for tools for building automation (I’m investigating the technology I may be using in my future home), so I borrowed this book. It seemed to be on a par with my ideal of home automation: Linux as a ground basis for steering the automation. Let’s see if it kept its promises.

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I’ve promised to make an update whenever I would find a solution to the problem I had some months ago when I tried to use the latest MKL with numpy. Well, there was a simple hack that did the trick. It is far from being perfect, but at least, the tests pass now.
So the only thing you have to do is to export the LD_PRELOAD variable:

export LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/the/MKL/lib/

I chose Eclipse as my new Linux IDE, instead of Konqueror + KWrite. The purpose was to be able to launch a SCons build from the IDE, get the errors in a panel and double-clicking on one of them would direct me to the location of the error.

So Eclipse seemed to fit my needs:

  • Plug-ins to add the support of various languages
  • Support of different construction tools
  • Support from the main C/C++/Fortran compiler developers (GNU, Intel, IBM, …)

So I will know show you two ways of enabling SCons support for Eclipse.

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As I have to parellize some programs developed in my new lab, I monitor CPU usage during thier execution. I do not usually need MPI to optimize them (although sometimes it is needed), only OpenMP, which means I can track /proc/ to get CPU and instantaneously memory usages.

So I wrote a small script that can be used by anyone for this purpose. I’ll explain how it works now.

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